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Civil and commercial contracts

Avoid breaches. Words are fleeting, nevertheless formalizing your credit operation with a commercial contract is the best way to protect your company and patrimony, as it offers you certainty and backup in the event of any controversy or commercial problem of collection. Prevention makes the difference between being able to collect and having a headache.

In SIMEX we help you to negotiate, implement and to formalize the commercial contracts that you need as an individual or legal entity; distribution contracts, commercial commission, buying and selling, consignment, Trust and all of the commercial instruments necessary to ensure the payment of your credit operations. Our advice is focused on implementing and recommending the best contractual structurefor your company.

We have a nationwide system to verify registrations, with a response time of 48 hours, which allows us to do a preliminary analysis of the guarantees offered by your clients. In addition, we work in coordination with various public notaries and brokers in Mexico's major cities, which allows us to offer you our express service, with response in only 48 hours.

To guarantee the legal security of your company, we carry out legal audits where we review your contracts, powers, corporate books and articles of incorporation and assembly with the purpose of offering a diagnosis that permits correcting, solving or preventing any type of legal contingency.


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