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Credit Investigations

Avoid difficult collections. If your company performs credit sales, it is of vital importance to have reliable information about your clients and prospects in order to make better decisions regarding granting, credit line totals and proper formalization of your credit sales.

In SIMEX we have a risk prevention area that carries out detailed investigations on the companies or individuals you sell your products and services to.

This service has the purpose of helping you to maintain a healthy portfolio and to increase security in the recovery your company's cash flow.

We recommend carrying out a credit investigation in the following cases: If:

  • You start a relationship with a new client.
  • Your client has significantly increased purchases of your product or service
  • The payments have constantly been carried out with some delay.
  • It is increasingly difficult to contact your client, when he or she previously answered your calls immediately.
  • An unexpected economic growth is identified (change of car, constant trips for pleasure, change of address, etc).

See more on the data that we include in our investigation


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