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Extra-judicial Collection

The extra-judicial or pre-legal collection covers all the negotiation strategies and techniques that apply to the debtor to achieve the recovery of your debt.

Unlike legal offices, we believe that this is the ideal way to initiate a negotiation, as it allows us to identify the possibilities of real recovery and achieve suitable agreements for both parties without incurring in greater expenses.

Additionally, in SIMEX we are known for accomplishing a high percentage of success in extra-judicial collection, which allows optimizing the customer's resources and avoiding, in most cases, the longest and most costly procedures through judicial collection. The growth of our portfolio recovery for our customers has increased over 25% annually during our career as a specialized company.

Our goal is to negotiate with your debtor to obtain the payment of the debt, ideally in cash, but also through return of the purchased products or providing goods as a form of payment (previously discussed with you).

The recovery of your debt depends on variables such as the aging of the portfolio, the amounts owed, the type of clients and the form in which the debts were documented.

In SIMEX we seek to always reach the best agreement for our customers and to achieve the highest percentage of recovery.

We guarantee that in a maximum of 48 hours we will contact your debtor and our negotiating experts make a formal request of collection.

Cobranza Extrajudicial  

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