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In SIMEX we help companies to improve their cash flow through the recovery of overdue portfolios. We are experts in applying the best negotiation techniques to recover your Assets.



  • You only pay if your account is recovered. We do not charge advance payments.
  • Easy and fast hiring, without having to submit any original documents.
  • To hire our services you only need to request a registration form for the debtor account and enclose copies of the documents that bear the amount due.
  • We initiate our recovery actions within the next 48 hours after being hired.
  • We work throughout the Country; this is possible because we have representation in ALL major cities.
  • We have expert field researchers who will investigate with neighbors and people who might be in contact with the debtor. We know that public information is available to everyone, or nearly everyone; what is important is that our research methodology and field work are combined to locate your debtor.
  • For our company it is important to achieve the recovery of your debt; therefore we specialize in working in every productive sector of the country.
  • As a value-added service we provide you with an area that is specialized and 100% dedicated to attending your information requests regarding the advances and negotiations that the extra-judicial area performs.
  • We have a customer service area to resolve your queries and offer information on your Account.
  • As in every formal negotiation, our fees are agreed at the time of hiring, remaining clearly specified that additional expenses will not be generated for the extra-judicial collection services.
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