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Judicial collection

In SIMEX we care about the economy of our customers, therefore our experts carry out a feasibility report before initiating the legal or judicial collection. This will allow you to have a clear and real perspective of the expectations and recovery time of the debt.

Judicial collection for us is a measure that should be taken when the extra-judicial actions have been exhausted. With the feasibility report, the investigation and the assessment of documents, we will identify whether or not to initiate this judicial stage, previously identifying if the debtor has the necessary assets to ensure the recovery of your Asset.

We have attorneys who determine in each case if it is viable to initiate or not legal action, because although you have promissory notes, postdated checks, or other documents that obliged to the payment, it should be taken into consideration that they have a prescription term to exercise the legal collection, and they should meet certain characteristics to make payment enforceable.

As in the extra-judicial collection, this service focuses on giving results. If you have any inquiries on the method of collection that suits you best, contact us and we will answer your questions.

Cobranza Judicial  

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